[Staff presence] pay a tribute to hard-working employees in hot summer

The colorful and beautiful spring passed and the hot summer is coming. In hot and dry summer, people will feel very hot if the air conditioner or fan is not switched on indoors. However, the intense heat of summer does not decrease the work passion of workers at the production line of Yuanjing Company. They are seen at the construction site, factory workshop. 

From sunrise and sunset, they work busily in the workshop and can only withstand high temperature. Although sweat wets their clothes, they are not afraid of high temperature. Everyone completes all production tasks with assiduity and can only enjoy the slight coolness in the air brought by natural wind occasionally. The peculiarity of hard-working and plain Yuanjing staff is demonstrated incisively and vividly at such moment. They are the backbone of Yuanjing Company and supports safe production and operation of the company.

We can feel the hardship and tenacity of frontline workers practically. The respect rises naturally when their sweat comes to our attention. At the same time, we can deeply feel that they need our support and understanding under high temperature. Maybe, the less complaint and more respect will give them the coolness in hot summer.

We hereby pay utmost respect to frontline production workers. Thank for your persistent support and trust; thank you for advancing with the company in the complicated and changeable market environment. The company will not forget your painstaking working and efforts. 


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