Warn congratulations on Foshan Sanheda high speed rolling mill putting into production smoothly

Warm congratulations: The supported and control project of Guangdong Yuanjing Automation---Foshan Sanheda 850mm offset 8-roller high speed rolling mill was put into production smoothly and realized that the average rolling speed of domestic first 850mm high speed cold-rolled rolling mill reaches 400m/min. The unit runs normally at present. The plate shape is good with stable tolerance. The first coil of high-end 304 cold-rolled plate band is produced successfully. The unit is the first 8-roller reversible cold rolling mill with the designed speed of 400m/min at home and adopts high performance MPOC PLC module developed by Shanghai Baosight independently for the first time. MPOC is the product of key national scientific research project. It is a type of Industrial controller designed and developed by Shanghai Baosight independently for special application in the metallurgical field by integrating engineering experience and technology and combining the strong points of domestic and oversea products. Its performance is at the leading position at home.

The smooth production of the project marks that Yuanjing Automation Company advances one step in the automation control field in stainless steel rolling and has broken the situation that domestic PLC brands are occupied by foreign brand for a long period of time in the high-end field of industrial automation control. This is of certain historical significance for promotion and application of domestic PLC in the metallurgical field in the future. 


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